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Why is Utah DABC changing its distribution method for Rare High Demand products?
In the past few years, the Utah DABC has noticed certain products, particularly releases of rare bourbons and other whiskeys, being highly sought after by our customers. For a number of these products, the amount supplied by the manufacturer is very limited compared with the anticipated demand for the product. We have been asked by customers to establish a new method of distribution that allows the maximum number of Utahns an opportunity to purchase these products. For this reason, Utah DABC has chosen to distribute rare high-demand products through drawings.
How will the drawing work and how do I participate?
How will Utah DABC determine which distribution method will be used for a given product?
Which products are covered by this policy?
Why are the quantities of these products so limited?
Who can participate in a drawing?
What are valid forms of identification?
Will all Rare High Demand Product bottles allocated to Utah DABC be available for drawing to the general public?
How does a multi-item Rare High Demand Product drawing work?
How will the drawings be conducted?
How do I know if I'm selected?
How will I know if I don't get selected?
I've been granted the opportunity to purchase a bottle. How do I get it?
If I win the opportunity to purchase a Rare High Demand Product but don’t want it, can I sell my bottle to someone else?
How often will Rare High Demand product drawings be held?
How can I stay informed about future special product offerings?
Is it permissible to resell items purchased through the Drawing?